Motorvation Saab Premier Card

Motorvation Saab Premier Club : Terms and Conditions

1. These rules govern the collection and use of points and set out the terms of contract between Motorvation Saab and each primary collector. A Primary Collector can register with the Motorvation Saab Premier Club scheme by applying for a card
If you apply to register with Motorvation Saab Premier Club scheme you accept these rules. We may refuse an application for any good reason.
Motorvation Saab reserves the right to change or withdraw the Motorvation Saab Premier Club scheme at any time and without prior written notification.

2. You must be 18 years old or over to be eligible to become a primary collector or to use a Motorvation Saab Premier Club Card.

3. All Primary Collectors must have a resident UK, Channel Island or Isle of Man address. Changes of address must be notified to us.

4. You will receive 1 point for every £10 spent in labour charges at Motorvation Saab. Each point has a redeemable value of £1.00 eg should you spend £250 in labour charges you will be able to have a deduction of £25.00 against future labour charges. Each card will carry a maximum of 200 points at any one time. Your points can only be redeemed against labour charges to a maximum of £100 at any one visit. Your points will be added electronically to your card on presentation of the card. The points balance of your card can be checked at or by calling us on 01892 825208.

5. Points can only be collected at the time of purchase and with a valid Motorvation Saab Premier Club Card. Points cannot be collected retrospectively or added at a later date.

6. Primary collectors can track the number of points they have collected by visiting our website at

7. Motorvation Saab Premier Club Cards and Card Points remain the property of Motorvation Saab at all times and may not be redeemed for cash and have no cash value.

8. We reserve the right to terminate your Motorvation Saab Premier Club scheme account if, in our opinion, you commit any act which we deem inappropriate. If we terminate your account, all outstanding points, which you have accrued, will be immediately cancelled and no cash payments or other compensation will be provided.

9. Our standard terms and conditions governing cancellation charges apply.

10. Motorvation Saab Premier Club points can only be collected by the individual in whose name the card account is registered, and cannot be collected in circumstances where a unique price for work has been agreed with you.
11. Our terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and we both agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to any dispute, issue or other matter which arises between us.

12. A charge of £2.00 may be levied on replacement cards.

13. All offers are subject to availability. You may not use your Motorvation Saab Premier Club Card in conjunction with other promotional offers.

14. Motorvation Saab Premier Club Card points may not be sold or transferred to any other individual or collector.

15. You can terminate your membership at any time by advising us in writing. Any outstanding points, vouchers and discounts which you have accrued will be immediately cancelled and no cash payments or other compensation will be provided.

16. By joining the Motorvation Saab Premier Club scheme you agree to sign up to our newsletters to receive updates, offers & promotions by email and or mail. The information contained in the above rules are subject to change without notice. We may at any time vary these terms and conditions by publishing the varied terms and conditions on our website. You accept that by doing this, we have provided you with sufficient notice of these changes.

The information and materials connected to Motorvation Saab Premier Club scheme cannot be replicated without prior written permission. You may not post, distribute or reproduce any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining owner permission of such rights. Motorvation Saab respects your privacy and will not share your information and details with anyone else.

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