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Demonstration Videos of Saab Hybrid Car.

The " new Saab" company will be focusing on future technology.

We must not forget that the “old Saab” was already at the forefront of some of these new technologies.

The Global Automotive Industry is rapidly changing with the focus being on new, cleaner, and greener technologies. How far Saabs new owners plan to go to fully electric is not yet clear, however at this stage it would appear that they will be going the hybrid route, developing the direction that Saab had already been going in. 

Here we have collected three video demonstrations filmed by Saab using the current 9-3 converted to a fuel/electric hybrid. They do serve to dispel some of the preconceptions of hybrid and electric cars. Enjoy !


Video 1.

Electric Torque Vectoring demonstration on the Forest Handling Track.

The forest is the perfect location to show how agile but also how stable the car becomes with the Electric Torque Vectoring System activated. Even with speeds in excess of 120kph on this narrow and icy road there is not a hint of drama. Very little steering input is needed as the car follows the drivers every move without hesitation.

H2 level heading

Video 2.

eAWD Traction capability demonstration on "The Big Hill" (30%) at Colmis Proving Grounds.

At just below freezing the hill is soft, slippery and quite a challenge to any vehicle. Take off speed is kept low (20kph) to simulate a difficult launch from a driveway or similar.
Both video clips feature the same car, at first with the eAWD system turned off running as a regular front wheel drive car and then with the eAWD system activated delivering up to 1200Nm/15kW at the rear axle depending on road surface grip.



Video 3.

A side-by-side comparison of car behavior with the Torque Vectoring System off and on.

e-AAM Electric Torque Vectoring System Comparison on Ice Handling Track at Colmis Proving Grounds.
Very slippery conditions with partially polished ice.
The same car is used for both runs with the difference that the car on the left has the System switched off to simulate a regular front wheel drive car and the car on the right has the System activated.
The demonstration shows the difference in needed driver input through the steering wheel where the driver of the front wheel drive car needs to work to keep the car on the road.
The video streams are re-synced after the tight bends where the car with the Torque Vectoring System activated pulls ahead.

These videos show the possibilities for future Saab models incorporating the existing technologies, with more technology to come there is the distinct possibility that Saab could leapfrog other manufacturers in the inevitable development of hybrid and electric vehicles.

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